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Bright Ideas for Safe Holiday Lighting

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Thanksgiving is just about here, and pretty soon, southwest Florida will be in a wash of holiday lights. While you’re decking the halls and trimming the tree, remember that, no matter how badly you want to have the most festive home on the block, it isn’t work risking your family’s safety. Whether you’re a regular Clark Griswold or your taste is a bit more conservative, keep these simple tips for safe holiday lighting to heart to avoid potentially devastating electrical issues, such as electrical fires.

Holiday Decorating SafetyChristmas Decorating Safety

Electrical decorations and Christmas lights certainly contribute to the splendor of the holiday season, but they also lead to a significantly increased risk of fires and electrical injuries. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure the safety of your home and, more importantly, your family.

Choose the Safest Decorations

When decorating your home for the holidays, ensuring safety begins with purchasing the right decorations. When you’re shopping, only choose lights and electrical decorations that carry labels from nationally recognized testing laboratories, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Intertek (ETL). Opt to purchase your decorations from trusted retailers to avoid poor quality counterfeit products, and make sure that the decorations you choose are appropriate for your intended use. When applicable, submit product information and warranty forms to manufactures to ensure that you will be notified right away in the event of a recall.

Consider light-emitting diode, or LED, lights instead of traditional incandescent lights. The initial investment may be higher, but LED lights last up to 20 times longer and are much more durable than many incandescent bulbs because they are not made out of cost. LEDs also generate less heat, making them safer and more energy efficient.

Pick the Perfect Tree

Your first decision when buying a tree is, of course, whether you’d prefer a natural tree or an artificial one. If you opt for a natural tree, choose one that is well hydrated and has bright green needles. Make sure your stand holds enough water to keep your tree hydrated throughout the holiday season.

If an artificial tree is more your style, look for one that has been tested and is labeled “fire resistant.” If it’s a pre-lit tree, don’t forget to look for a seal from a testing laboratory.

Pull the Plug on Extension Cord Hazards

If you’re like most people, your holiday decorating plans probably involve extension cords. While extension cords can pose a danger year-round, their usage is more prominent during the holiday season. When purchasing extension cords, look for ones that carry certification labels, and choose appropriate cords for your application. Never use indoor extension cords for outdoor applications.

Never overload extension cords or string multiple cords together for additional length. Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis, and they should never be run through high-traffic areas. You should also never run extension cords through walls or ceilings as doing so could cause the cord to overheat. Avoid nailing or stapling any cords, and never remove the third prong to make a three-prong plug work in a two-prong outlet.

Stay Safe Throughout the Holiday Season

Safely putting up your decorations is only half the battle. To ensure safety throughout the entire holiday season, you need to use them properly. Before replacing any bulbs that may blow out, always unplug your decorations. Before leaving your home or going to sleep, turn off all indoor and outdoor decorations. If you find remembering to do so difficult, consider using a timer.

From time to time, check to ensure that no cords are pinched in windows, doors or under heavy furniture and that everything is plugged in securely. Keep outdoor decorations, light strings and extension cords free from snow or standing water.

According to a 2013 study conducted by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 86% of Americans decorate their homes during the winter holidays. Of them, nearly 2/3 use electrical lights inside, and more than 50% use outdoors. More than 60% use extension cords. With so many people choosing to decorate for the holidays, there’s a good chance that you, a family member or even one of your neighbors will be decking the halls in the coming weeks. Though electrical decorations come with inherent risks, keeping these tips in mind will help to ensure a safe and festive holiday season.

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